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Dakota's Bondage Challenge and Punishment Featuring: Dakota ,  Danger Doll Added 04/24/2013
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Our shiny super hero girl Dakota stars in this spandex video, wearing a sexy purple spandex leotard, shiny pantyhose, bright pink knee-high leather boots with matching pink leather gloves, a sparkly silver belt and a shiny pink mask. The scene opens with Dakota hogtied on a bed, struggling to escape, as the Danger Doll watches her squirm and wiggle her spandex ass, trying to fee herself from her rope bondage escape challenge. Watch Dakota struggle desperately to escape, her sexy, shiny body moving back and forth, twisting and turning. Dakota loses the first challenge, so she's put into an even more challenging hogtie! This time she's on the floor, turning back and forth, sitting up and bending over, shaking her spandex ass and shiny thighs, trying to loosen the ropes keeping her captive, as the Danger Doll looks and and laughs from behind the camera! Dakota has a hard time with the expert rope bondage, struggling for a long time, with lots of amazing shots of her shiny pantyhose legs and spandex-clad body. You'll enjoy all the loving close-ups of Dakota's shiny spandex ass. Finally, she gives up, no match for the Danger Doll's rope bondage prowess. She is finally released, and receives her punishment – the Danger Doll bends her over and delivers a nice spanking to her sexy spandex ass!

10 minutes, 21 seconds of video

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